Terms & Conditions

Rental Agreement: Terms and Conditions


1. Property is as named on the booking form (COURT CLOSE). The rentals are as noted on the reservation form. ‘The Owner is Mr and Mrs Christopher Legge’. The Client is the Lessee. ‘Commencement Date’ is the first day of intended occupation.

Court Close, Litton Cheney, Dorset is also a member of Premier Cottages Limited, a professional collective of independent luxury cottage owners.  Premier Cottages promotes the property on our behalf as well as other luxury cottages.  As members of Premier Cottages we would like to give them your information so that they can contact you about quality properties that you might like.  You may unsubscribe from this service at any time as detailed in our Privacy & Cookie policy which can be found on our website


2. The owner has a right of access at the property at any time; the Client does not have exclusive use of the property during the period of time as noted on this Terms and Conditions Form.

NB: When you submit a booking via our online reservation system you will receive an automatically generated booking summary by email to the email address you provide in the booking form. This does not form a contract between us. A contract shall only arise when your booking is subsequently confirmed in writing via a letter of confirmation sent to you by post or email.

3. The Rentals are payable by the Client on the following Dates:

a) If the reservation is made more than 10 weeks before the commencement date
The first instalment of 30% (non refundable) of the Rental must accompany this Form
The final instalment is payable 10 weeks prior to the Commencement Date.

b) If the Reservation is made less than 10 weeks before the Commencement Date
The final instalment of the full amount of the Rental must accompany this Form.
Very late bookings will be paid on arrival in cash.

Please note – if payment is not received by the due date, we are unable to guarantee your booking.

4. Cancellation/Termination by The Client

a) If the agreement is terminated by The Client or if The Agreement is terminated because the Client has failed to pay amounts due on the due dates. The Client will be liable to pay a cancellation fee in accordance with the following:

30% of the Rentals payable, if the date of termination is greater than 10 weeks before the Commencement Date.

100% of the Rentals payable if the date of termination is shorter than 10 weeks before the Commencement Date.

 b) Cancellations Insurance: PLEASE take out appropriate Insurance on your holiday to safeguard against loss of monies should unforeseen circumstances necessitate termination of  The Agreement by the Client. We can recommend a specialist provider if required

The Owner may offset any amounts already received from The Client against the Cancellation Fee.                                                                                                                         

5. Non Availability of the Property:

If for any reason, beyond the Owners control (eg fire damage) the property is unavailable on the date booked, all rental charges paid in advance by the clients will be refunded in full, but the clients shall have no further claim against the Owners.  The liability under all circumstances shall be limited to the refund of monies paid in advance.

6. A damage deposit cheque of £400 is payable to Mr C Legge two weeks prior to your arrival.  Please send a post dated cheque with your final balance dated two weeks before your stay.  The damage deposit will be retained pending an inspection of the property and its contents, to check that the owner has no consequential expenses due to breakages, damages, additional cleaning etc due to the liability of the client.  The extent of recoverable costs from The Client by The Owner are limited to the cost of any work done and other costs incurred by the Owner and are not limited to the Damage deposit. The un-applied damage deposit will be returned within two weeks of your stay unless the Client has been contacted.

7. The Owner reserves the right to cancel the reservation if payments are not received in accordance with Item 3 and Item 6 of this Agreement. The cancellation will be deemed the liability of the Client.

8. The Client undertakes to take good care of the property and its contents and to leave the property and contents in a clean, tidy and orderly condition prior to our changeover clean. If you do not wish to do any cleaning, it can be carried out for a fee of £60.00 with prior notice.   

9. The Client agrees to behave in a considerate way to the people living near the Property and to respect the privacy and peace at all times. N.B: STRICTLY NO FIREWORKS or CHINESE LANTERNS. Also NO FELT TIPS – sadly we have much graffiti and damage caused by budding young artists let loose with felt tips!!

10. The Client is to use plastic mattress covers provided in main bedroom top cupboard on any beds where there is a risk of damage. (eg. small children)

11. The Client will report any loss or damage to the property or contents to the Owner as soon as possible. The Client will allow access to the property by The Owner at any reasonable time to perform an inspection. The Client undertakes to inform The Owner of the expected departure day and time if it is different from the Reservation Form.

12. The Owner will not be responsible to The Client for any loss, inconvenience, damage etc, beyond the control of the Owner.

13. Any claims whatsoever by The Client against The Owner will be limited to the amount of Rental Paid.

14.  The Client will not over-occupy the property at any time.  We reserve the right to ask the Client to leave if the property is being used by more than the advertised number of people. (i.e. 10 people  plus 1 cot). If by special arrangement extras are agreed upon there will be a charge of £25 per night per person.  THIS IS NOT A PARTY HOUSE VENUE – ANY EXTRA GUESTS VISITING DURING YOUR STAY MUST BE AGREED WITH US PRIOR TO YOUR VISIT. CHARGES WILL APPLY.

15. The signing of this Form by The Client (or any verbal or written acceptance) is deemed to be the acceptance of these terms and conditions.

16. Arrival and Departure – Friday to Friday

Arrival Time – not before 4pm

Departure Time – no later than 10am

Directions are enclosed showing how to get to the property.  Please ring the week prior to arrival to confirm times, access etc.



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